10 Ways in Which You Can Beat Procrastination


We all have those moments when we know we have time to nurture our goals but we choose to procrastinate, we avoid doing anything because it’s easy not to do it. However if you really want something out of life and you’re willing to put in the work, then you need to find ways to avoid procrastination and get things done…

1. DietWhen I ditched the cola for green tea, swapped the chocolate bar for a piece of fruit and I restricted food indulgences to celebrations and rewards, I became more productive. What you put in your body really makes a difference to your mind. If you’re consuming a lot of sugar for instance then you will eventually crash and energy levels will just drop.

2. Limit indulgences to rewards I’m a huge Netflix fan, I love dramas and documentaries but when you’re hooked on a TV show where each episode is one hour-long, it really limits the time available for taking action towards your goals. Now, I limit things I enjoy doing that have zero impact on my goals, as a reward for taking action towards my goal. For example: To earn one episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ I have to write something new, be it a blog post, page of my book or chapter. I’m getting into the habit of earning everyday indulgences.

3. People – Read my post about how the energy around you affects your ambition. If you’re around people who just sit around waiting for life to kick in then move away from them. If it’s your family and/or the people you live with, then lock yourself away, or go out and find a place where you can spend time on your goals. Avoid following negative examples and be very much aware of any negativity around you.

4. Move Exercise, dance, skip, walk, jump. If you’re a singer, pace as you sing, if you’re reading, walk around as you read. The more your body is used to movement the more uncomfortable you are just sitting down doing nothing.

5. Schedule – Make a schedule and make it full but easy to follow, do not allow room for excuses to put something off so schedule your down time too. The more I plan to do something the more likely I am going to do it.

6. Avoid Routine, Routines get boring and before you know it, you’re stuck in a behavioral pattern you struggle to break free from. You may have a framework to live with (e.g Work commitments and kids etc) but mix it up wherever you can. The less your life feels like a routine the more energetic you’re going to feel.

7. Avoid the same places and Schedule your life in way that keeps your mind active, for example I’ll try to write in new locations I have never explored before.

8. Imagine how life will look if you continue to let in the demon of procrastination in. Pretty s*** right? Your actions will impact your future, think about that.

9. Turn to those who are influenced by you. It allows you to see yourself from someone else’s point of view, what example are you setting to others. Do you want those that look up to you see you procrastinate? Be an inspiration not a let down!

10. Turn to your motivational triggers, Crank up the music, look to your roots, to anything and everything that inspires you to aim high for the things you want out of life.

Let me know how life turns out once you decide to get up off your arse and begin do something with it…trust me, it’ll look a lot better.

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