3 Things You Need from the People Around You


Surrounding yourself with the right energy is not just about surrounding yourself with people that share the same ideas, interests and identity’ as you do. After figuring out my passions, I proceeded to be around people that know life is worth living passionately with self-belief, rather than meeting someone else’s expectation and suppressing ones dreams for a senseless need to fit in.

From music, sports, taste in girls and experiences in life, most things about me and my best mate are very different. Although our interests may differ, we meet on common ground when it comes to our attitude towards life. The energy from knowing exactly what we want transfers directly into nurturing our own goals.

Surround yourself with people that embrace their own ideas and aren’t afraid to live by their own identity. Notice how these types of people encourage you to be at your best and in turn watch how the energy gets transferred into action:

1. Competition – as were both hungry for success, the subtleties of competition push one another to achieve more with our work. If I hear him typing, I have to type faster, if he knows I’m sending out another post, he works on securing another website to work on. Our sights are completely unrelated but the pursuit of achievement and success causes us to healthily compete. Pushing one another closer to achieving each goal.

2. Motivation – Procrastination is everyone’s flaw, but having people around you that share the same thirst for life, even though what they desire from it is completely irrelevant to your cause, knowing another person is on their game makes you want to be on yours. So if I know he’s at the local Library working on a project and I’m on my arse watching Netflix, I’m motivated to unplug the TV and plug into success.

3.  Evaluation – I work with my earphones on, so we’re hardly communicating when working, but at the end of what seems as a marathon of work, we discuss what we have worked on. The sharing of new ideas and brainstorming unexplored avenues sets the course for innovation and fresh input towards our own work. It freshens the mind with new perspective.

The same happens when I speak to my sister, she’s a successful business woman, our life goals are completely different but it’s that energy that comes with ambition and knowing what we want from life is how we build each other up.

Today, I reiterate this message to you again: Surrounding yourself with the right energy is like having your goals and successes floating around you in reach, reminding you regularly of where you’re headed.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

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