Living Your Dream: Don’t End Up Successful and Isolated

Nurturing your goals on a regular basis requires a lot of dedication and strict self-discipline.  When you’re so determined to succeed, you can overlook major life opportunities that will negatively impact your dream.

The opportunities I’m talking about, are the ones that leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Opportunities that shape your dreams and add a layer of perspective towards your aspirations. Opportunities that fuel your determination to succeed.

I have a busy schedule like many of you out there, but one thing I have learnt since embarking on this journey, is to make time to live and seize every opportunities to do so.

For instance; making time to meet up with friends for that drink you’ve been putting off for weeks. To connect with your family; spend quality time discussing memories and future plans. Making time for your hobbies and your interests, and most importantly engaging in things that make you feel like you.

Being consumed with so much work and other stresses, my writing started to feel like a chore and my work just didn’t feel satisfying. The past few weeks I had forgotten how important it is to take time out and live life. It has always been OK to take a break, after all the dream I’m trying to capture may not be so satisfying if I let opportune moments to build a memory pass me by.

Our dreams are an image of the life we want to live, so if we are already skipping moments that we want more of, then we’re overlooking the whole purpose of why we embark on this journey  in the first place.

You won’t neglect your work to avoid falling behind, so the same principle should apply to your life. So spend time with loved ones, spend time investing in your hobbies and take time out to enjoy life.

My advice: If you want to be surrounded by the things that make you happy, you simply cannot neglect them, don’t end up successful and isolated.


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