How do you manage your mental health?

In this episode, I share some of my tips and tricks on mental health management. Primarily, I suggest you look at your physical energy levels and physical responses to mental health issues and take appropriate action to counter act or control the response. I touch on anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder and even schizophrenia. The key is raising self-awareness and I hope I get this message across clearly, I hope you find something in this episode useful.

Why is the truth so important?

Having recently achieved a huge aspiration in my life, I found myself asking how I navigated into such a fulfilling experience? This is how I discovered the importance of truth. Listen in to some of my story and I hope it encourages you to live more truthfully.

How do you find Inspiration?

This episode was supposed to be on procrastination, but gathering the content made me realize the better question to ask would be about inspiration. If every behavior has a motivation, procrastination included, then we must seek inspiration to alter our motivations, I hope you enjoy!

How do you find your purpose?

My purpose is to “help evolve the human experience” and how I arrived at this conclusion was a matter of taking care of myself and building my life into fulfillment. In this episode, I share some basic tips to help you get started on uncovering your life’s value, I hope you enjoy!

Why is it so hard to meditate?

Believe it or not, you can meditate. In this episode I talk about the very basic method to meditation, it’s a simple as breathing and listening, two things you should be able to do with little to no effort, give it a go. Visit: and learn how to meditate for FREE!

5 Dating Tips for The Frustrated Millennial.

Today we all seem to be leading more demanding lives, so when it comes to dating, most of us are either too tired, disheartened by the experience or just generally lacking the energy to give a shit. I’ve recently delved back into dating again and I feel like I’m learning everything anew. Maybe it’s just […]