Achieve Your Goals by Staying Persistently Positive


Unbelievable, not even 10 weeks into the New Year and my universe has served up a huge dose of concentrated triumphs. The recipe for 2013 has been trialed and tested, and folks: staying persistently positive is proving to be a key ingredient. Great family news, astonishing professional accomplishments and a measure of personal growth! This trending behavior over the last couple of months has left a lingering aroma of a lot more success and accomplishments to look forward to and work on.

Just like your own goals in life, they’re only attainable if you’re persistently pursuing them. So attach a positive outlook onto the life of which you pursue. You’re setting your goals in motion every day by seizing opportunities; doing research and moving forward toward the result rather than waiting for it to come to you, now imagine the power of an objective when your whole being is constantly oozing optimism. Furthermore, no one really needs to be told to think positive, we know this already; it’s practically common sense but were being told this because we’re not being persistent with it. We need to be on top of this way of thinking and train ourselves to bring it out when we need it most. It’s like being told to eat when you’re hungry, it’s obvious, but if we eat regularly and by knowing when to eat, the feeling of hunger becomes far and fewer.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t wait for the accomplishments of a goal to deploy positive behavior, and don’t expect by merely thinking positive, that your goals will come to you. They need to work consistently together like a well oiled all wheel drive to thrust you into success.


Increase positivity with Meditation!

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