How to Connect To Your Goals Emotionally

We all have our own destinations in life and we can always picture how things are going to look: who we’re going to end up with, the lifestyle were going to live, the career we’ll be in or even the house were going to live in. Like most people, that destination stemmed from a visual appeal – the end result is often associated with what has been seen or perhaps experienced by others. Therefore, stimulus that has been seen forms the basis and the desired outcome of one’s own goal. Very simple examples: you see a car you really like, so you picture yourself in that car, driving that car or buying that car, so you want that car – Goal set. Or, perhaps you’re watching a movie and you desire that romance you saw onscreen in your own relationship? You find yourself on a mission to find it – Goal set. You get the idea.

I want to talk about the emotional connection that we tend to expect (because of the visual) but very rarely experience or even take the time to think about. How is it going to feel when you get what you want and during the journey toward it? It sort of links back to my past posting on ‘motivation’ and those reminders I mentioned – music made me feel good and put me in a great mood. I want to feel like that when I get to where I want to be, the emotion is real, so I latch these feelings I experience onto my goals. I’ve always envisioned myself with my successes but I never really took the time to think about how I would feel when I have them. Now that I do – that glimmer of light becomes a lot brighter.

Link your future prospects to the emotions you feel now. If getting that high-flying career is going to make you happy, then when you feel happy think of the career – motivate yourself in that moment and give yourself that extra boost of confidence. Just like conditioning a response, associate real emotions to your goals. Make goals feel more real and attainable; turn them into more than just an image of how you see yourself.

Even when things get tough and you feel that struggle, apply it! Apply it to all the challenges you expect to face in the future and the challenges you will come across. Each goal achieved means you’ll be setting the bar higher for the next one. Life will never get easy, how you deal with it will. For example, I mentioned this to a friend of mine who is on a mission to lose a lot of weight, the work outs are challenging but I told him when he gets his new image, maintaining it would be the next hard part.

Lastly, help boost the energy of your goal by taking real steps available to you now. If you imagine yourself in a big house in the country, then go view some big houses in the country, soak up the feelings of excitement and attach it, then set the objectives in motion to get you there. Take a test drive of the car you want, research the jobs you want to apply for, offer time to the people you want to help. There are always steps you can take right now to stimulate emotion and remember to welcome challenges with open arms too. Because those challenges will make achieving your goals worthwhile.

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