Become Successful: Avoid Complacency

The complacent man is a man who is content, unconcerned and unfortunately pleased. For most this notion is an ideal way of life, as it’s easy. There will however, come a point when such a man is reminded of the aspiration he once held, but because he’s living so contentedly that aspiration seems unattainable, too risky and ‘impossible’. Opportunities have passed and the ability to break free from such an established behavior is now just nonsensical.

If you’ve ever had a big dream or set to accomplish a goal you’ve always expected to achieve then there isn’t any room to be complacent. Steering off the path you set yourself and settling into something you were never meant to, nor wanted too because it became the easiest and most sensible option. Although reasonable the compromise itself can be a form of self sabotage.

I know personally, so many people who had so much passion and drive in life and for one reason or another, somehow managed to lose their way and nestle into something ‘comfortable’ which they never envisioned for themselves. It worsens as they find themselves reasoning this way of life and defending such complacency to others.

I’ve seen how frequently it can damage one’s self esteem and self-worth when this realization hits; relationships get torn apart and bad choices are made due to the complacent man who once had higher hopes.

Stick to the goals you set yourself. If the career you have in isn’t the one you wanted, then go out and find the one you want; at least research, investigate and try to make things happen. Even if the relationship isn’t the one you want to be in, get out of it and go in search of the type of person you’re after. Go and make life what you intended to make of it, don’t just settle and lastly, don’t sit on something that’s good when there’s opportunities out there to make things great.


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