Adopt a Limitless Mindset


Belief and Achievement Cycle


My own beliefs guide my achievements and each achievement encourages the pursuit of a bigger and stronger belief, the cycle goes on because I never limit myself and I’ll continue to aim higher so long as I never let that cycle break.

One of the things I’ve been told all my life, is that I have always dreamed big and it’s through having big dreams (beliefs) that I will achieve anything I set out to achieve. I will continue to aim higher because I’m never satisfied with being content with what I have, no matter how good it is.

I can’t doubt that my life is very secure right now, I have stability, I have money coming in and I’m living the life I envisioned I’d be living at some point on my journey. Not everything is perfect, but I know I am very fortunate and I’m happy.

However, this for me is just another beginning. A vision of this life brought me here, but through the successes and through the challenges, my visions get bigger and have always continued to grow as I have.

For the longest time people around me thought that once I moved abroad, traveled the world, built a steady income, nice car, nice home etc, that I would start to settle and I’d finally be content. I’m not, it’s just proved that believing there is always something better for myself out there for me to pursue.

Furthermore, it’s not the items that I have accumulated that define my achievements, they simply provide a measurement of what I did with my potential.  But it doesn’t just stop there…

… I also want to be in a position to help those around me, rather than donating double figures to worthy causes I want to be able to donate 4, 5, 6 or even  7+ figures. Instead of giving an hour a week of my time, I want to be in a position to offer up a whole year to people who need it.

Having a limitless mindset doesn’t allow me to cap my potential nor does it allow me to believe that “this is it.” It’s a mindset we should all begin to adopt if we want something better for ourselves and continue to grow.

It’s a mindset that has sent people into space, a mindset that allows us to communicate with the globe in an instant. It’s the very mindset that has developed cures for illnesses and a mindset that gives people new hope.

Even with relationships, I won’t just settle for the convenience of companionship until I find what I’m looking for.

I met a random couple in Seattle, WA that really put this in perspective for me. She was a “single, white, country mother” whose only focus was her children and her business and he, a self-proclaimed “Canadian, mixed race ‘nerd'” who had zero interest in finding anyone. They had found each other on a chance meeting. They we’re both on their own journey to shape life their own way, they pushed each other beyond their boundaries of comfort until they found comfort in one another. They stuck to their own identities, one not changing for the other…It was quite refreshing to see that these two opposites came together and it proved that you don’t have to compromise your self-beliefs because there is a person suitable for you to share of your life with, as you are.

Every accomplishment in my life, and every thought I had that “life couldn’t get any better” is soon dispelled when I realize the achievements I can gain if I continue to believe in myself and avoid complacency.

I’m letting my dreams and my goals grow bigger and bigger because I’m choosing to adopt a limitless mindset.

I also don’t want to be another irritated soul telling my future  grandchildren to pursue their dreams and engage in their passions if I didn’t. I want to guide by the examples of what I did over the examples of what I did not.

A limitless mindset allows you to always push yourself into believing that you can make so much more happen with your life. That you can have a bigger impact….read the page I wrote about Life and multiply the message times ten.

Never let the cycle of belief and achievement break, adopt a life without limitations and watch that cycle continue to grow.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach


5 thoughts on “Adopt a Limitless Mindset

  1. Awesome people like us with this mindset must get together form friendships and continue to grow with each other to do anything and everything in life . and most of all live life !! Thank you for this post

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