The Number 1 Rule to Identifying Motivational Triggers

Attempting to write about motivation was challenging. Considering every person is different it’s obvious we’re all motivated by different things, so a top ten list of motivational triggers wouldn’t suffice. Be it people, places or pleasures the list is endless as your motivations are personal. I have an idea on how motivation is triggered so that you can identify your own ways to get motivated.

I ask people daily what motivates them and I always get different answers; usually stagnant in response, such as music, certain people and certain places etc. I’d rarely see a recurring pattern which is why I would delve further and ask how? “How does this motivate you?” It brought me to understand how one feels motivated when these factors are present – it’s  simply a reminder!

The things that motivate you are simply reminders of what they represent; they are the driving components that remind you of your goals and your ambitions and the vision of yourself achieving them. You’ll notice that moments of great inspiration are spurred on by the thought of what you might achieve.

So the trigger that reminds you of what you someday want, will inspire the thought of it actually happening and therefore stimulating motivation. It’s almost like a conditioned response, you associate these motivating factors such as music, people and places to what it is your aiming for.

So how do you find that trigger? Well, I have always used music as a trigger for my motivation; different music can stir different emotions so I asses how I would feel when I’m living the dream – so I listen to music that makes me feel that way. Some people need other people to motivate them, why? Because their dreams may include being accepted in one way or another, this is why encouragement from others is so motivating. So asses your goals and dreams, what do you see and how do you feel? Then find things in your life today that trigger that thought.


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9 thoughts on “The Number 1 Rule to Identifying Motivational Triggers

  1. Lately I am very motivated by ethnic German music. I almost always get goosebumps from it, it gives me a higher sense of purpose and my ability to endure is improved while hearing it.

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