Flip the Cliché and Live Each Day Like It’s Your First.

The first day I started to write felt like a brand new day. That day I wasn’t thinking like it was my last living day which is advice people often dish out. I was in a very naive state of mind and terrified of the outcome yet the curiosity was overwhelming, exciting and fresh. The only way I could sum it up was like how a baby discovers new things; I broke away from convention and delved into the unknown. The knowledge I gained from new experiences, woke me up to live life with an open mind, which turned out to be a huge bonus towards my career. Having an open mind paved the way for new opportunity.

I’ve never understood why people would want to live each day like it’s there last anyway, it’s depressing. Doing things you’ve always wanted to do because you may not be around tomorrow? If that’s the case then I’d rather spend my days having a great time with my nearest and dearest and do things I know and love, right? In my opinion it’s an old-fashioned term that is slightly flawed. I now also find that when I’m in a state of procrastination, it’s not because I lack the motivation, it’s because my mind is craving stimulation and new thought. Sort of like jump starting a car, I need a boost of new energy and this formula worked.

The point I’m trying to make is to open your mind up and relish in being inquisitive. It’s freeing. I aim to try something imaginative every day however cliché that may sound. I realized broadening experience opens doors and opportunities, if not; it makes for new conversation pieces over the drinking table. Nevertheless, we live in an era whereby a global community is within reach, sharing is a pastime and innovation is ordinary so we need to seek out new ideas through new experiences.


5 thoughts on “Flip the Cliché and Live Each Day Like It’s Your First.

  1. You can throw almost everything that our current society preaches into the trash.
    What you said about jumpstarting your car makes sense. After 4 hours of focused work I am gonna play some guitar to reenergize.

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