Socializing Is Much More Than ‘Getting Out There’

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We all know the benefits of socializing, but do we actually understand it’s depth? A period of isolation surely makes you crave the comforting touch of both your family and friends, and this is not a superfluous feeling. As humans we crave social connection like plants need sunlight. A good social life often allows for positive mental health, and activities spurned on through this lead to somewhat good physical health, provided you are active and adventurous with your friends and not simply laying on the couch playing video games all day.

The most common thing about the beauty of socializing is that we all need it. Infants require it, the elderly require it, disabled people respond beautifully to social communities with services such as Special Bridge. People need each other, and a life shared is always more beautiful than a life experienced solo.

But what is really happening when we socialize? Why is it so powerful? We hope to answer those questions and more with our humble post:


Connection is important, and it helps us stay sane. To feel you’re truly understood means becoming vulnerable and open to people around you. Learning new things is always precipitated by accepting the opinion of someone new. This way you also learn to express yourself in a way that you truly feel. Having your feelings understood and responded to is one of the best feelings in the world, whether that comes through an intimate relationship, a great friend or a loving parent.

Communities Help

Communities matter. As we developed as a species, our tribal tendencies once meant we could share the fruit of our hunting and gathering efforts. Anyone who stole from the group or was otherwise testing of its virtues became vilified and the outsider. Simply because we have a little thing called the division of labor, and that some people can work online and never need others from a survival perspective, that hasn’t lessened our impact or need for one another in the slightest. It is hard-wired into us, and it matters.

You Always Rely On People

In the previous heading we stated that you don’t need people from a survival perspective. That’s true at least immediately from a proximal perspective. The truth is, people have made or designed everything you hold dear. From the computer, phone or tablet you’re reading this on, to the food you ate at lunchtime, someone was responsible for designing, shipping and selling those goods to you. To take this even further, your entire body, personality and mind are only here because your parents once desired a child. We are all more connected than we know, to the point where isolation will seem the most alien way to live of all.

While we might become tired of each other, or need our own personal space from time to time, it’s important to always understand just how critical we are for the continued happiness of one another. So what are you waiting for? Contact your parents, your children, your lover or your friends, and tell them you love them while you can.

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