3 Ways In Which Bad Habits Affect Your Goals

ImageWe all have bad habits, whether it’s something small like biting our nails to something more detrimental such as procrastination. However large or small, each bad habit we possess tend to negatively affect our goals. I’ve outlined the three “I’s” of how such behaviour can interfere with success.

1. The Image: Have you considered how it looks to your supporters? Be concerned with the image you put across. For example: if I’m supposed to inspire confidence in others, I need to be and appear confident myself. So if I’m biting my nails or wearing a shirt that isn’t pressed then I have to consider how being poorly presented is affecting my personal brand image? The more noticeable the habit, the larger the affect it has on your goals. Be wary of the connotations that come with bad behaviour.

2. The Impact: Bad habits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; some more subtle than others however each negative habit has some sort of impact. Procrastination and complacency for example, will only push your goals further away. Ask any successful person you may know and they’ll tell you that, consistent, positive activity is the only way to get you where you want to be. Always consider the impact  your habits have on your goals.

3. The Involvement: The mind is powerful and sometimes we aren’t even aware of our bad habits because we involve ourselves in the act so often. I always recommend writing down your bad habits and underneath each one write down why they are so bad. You should train your mind to overcome these habits in order for you to focus on more positive activity. Involve yourself in good habits that keep you productive towards your goals.

Removing bad habits is like fumigating your persona. Sometimes you may not catch them all but keep at it and you’ll clear away those pesky habits that get in between you and your goals.

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Celebrate a Legacy – Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Like many of us, I first heard of Mandela’s death through social media. It was like someone was throwing this huge celebration and everyone was tweeting live, shouting out about this legend that had just walked into the room. Rather than mourn the loss, people celebrated a legacy – a sentiment that struck me instantly. It was a celebration. I was inundated with inspiring quotes, thought provoking images and an abundance of love filled in each tweet, status update and post. It was nice to see people’s vulnerable side, each message held a true meaning, an honesty they could share through a voice that had impacted the world. It was unsettling to know that the world suffered a grave loss, but hopeful, that as a global community we kept his spirit, of which, will aid a movement amongst a new generation. I have confidence knowing that my young nieces and nephews will grow up unafraid to stand up for what they believe in. They will learn about this courageous man and others like him, who suffered and fought for freedom and civil rights.

So as we continue to celebrate his legacy, I shall continue to remember “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”Nelson Mandela


The Guardian – What did people tweet about Mandela?


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Why Confident Men, Turn Women On.

Lads, we’ve been trying to figure this one out for ages but when it comes down to it, it really is all about confidence. First of all let’s not mistake confidence for cockiness. I think most women are put off if you’re acting like a douche. I guess confidence is assurance to women? Even women, who won’t admit it, expect to feel safe and secure around their blokes. I don’t mean by brawn and looks, although that’s what some women do look for, but apparently there is so much more.

To feel safe and secure could mean the ability to provide, to be a good father, to be faithful, to be honest, to be loyal, to be spiritual, to be successful…what feeling safe and secure means to a woman is definitely individual to her. So when a woman see’s a level of confidence in a man, I guess she becomes open to seeing what he has to offer and is curious as to why. If what you have is what she’s looking for, then for lack of a better term, you’re in!

Do not be afraid to take charge of your own confidence and don’t allow other people to determine your confidence for you. If your mate is acting one way to get the girl it doesn’t mean you have to work the same program, despite what some girls think, we know we’re not all the same and neither are they, so don’t be anyone else. You might have that fear of rejection and to be rejected is like kryptonite to your level of confidence, it’s not that uncommon.

However, if you feel you can step up and be the man that she’s looking for then you need to prove it. Have you ever looked at a woman and thought that you could be everything she ever wanted? That’s what I’m talking about; if you’re thinking that confidently, you’re going to have to act that way too. I know for some it’s easier said than done but it bears thinking about. Also, believe it or not women are even looking at how you handle rejection it’s a tell-tale sign of the type of person you are.

You know when you see that chubby 280 lbs guy with that babe on his arm and you think to yourself “how did he get her?” So, when you actually listen to women, it’s almost never about physical looks. Yes, a level of physical attraction is important, but if you can offer her what she wants, then you’re the sexiest person around. Rumor has it that the more confident we are the better we look, who knew?

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