No Longer Concerned with Keeping my Aspirations at Bay.


Spending time with friends I haven’t seen in years, meeting new people and reigniting old relationships for short bursts of time, I’m wondering how the next few weeks of being at home will handle my identity.

Being around the place I grew up, people here were only used to seeing a lesser confident, more doubtful version of myself.

If you’ve been following my blog, you`ll understand how getting to know yourself and connecting with your true identity is at the core of lasting success. It helps you to set and accomplish any goal confidently and enables you to discover your passions.

Over the last few years I have accomplished a lot, I live life with self-belief and I know exactly what it is I want from it. Moving away from home and becoming confident to express my ideas among my current friends was one thing, but now my identity will get tested as I face my old life self-actualized.

This time that I’m spending in the UK has definitely opened my eyes to how much energy and effort we all waste trying to mold ourselves into the shape of somebody else’s expectations, when really no one gives a f***.

For those struggling with and suppressing what it is they want from life, need to spend that wasted energy and effort on letting it out. Those who have, return to your world and test it, what comes of it may surprise you, remember that you’ve unlocked the door to your true potential and just by being yourself you’re no longer holding yourself back.

So today my past sees me for who I am and when asked “what are you up to nowadays?” the answer is clear, confident and concise. I know where I’m headed, they now know where I’m headed and I’m no longer concerned with keeping my aspirations at bay.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

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