Be Prepared and Seize the Opportunity

The world around you is full of opportunities, sometimes you’re actively pursuing them and sometimes they pursue you. Either way, are you prepared for them? Can you put aside your doubts and aim for your target whether your ready for it or not?

We all have those excuses that curb our motivation to explore and learn.

Am I ready for the challenge? Am I ready to be involved? Am I sure that I can handle the pressure? Are all examples of excuses holding you back. Upon reflection, you’ll realize how much time you had wasted second guessing yourself, instead of seizing the opportunity and preparing for the challenges ahead and answering those questions you had raised.

You’ll learn nothing from the times you let opportunities pass you by, if anything you’ll always be left with that frustrating echo: “if only I had…”

It may not work out your way every time, but I can guarantee that you will learn more about yourself and your abilities each time you apply yourself and try. Knowing more is crucial information you need as you proceed closer to your dream, or if your merely on the path to figuring out your passions. You’ll learn what extra skills you may need to acquire, you may even uncover new skills you never thought you had…but you will learn something about yourself when you look back.

Today, walk around with a slingshot in your back pocket (figuratively speaking of course); If you see that opportunity in the near distance or it has you in its sights; then aim for it.

Although at times you might miss the target, with regular practice and consistent activity your aim will only get better and you will eventually get a hit!

photo credit: Ariel Schlesinger

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

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