To Dad on Fathers Day


Hello Dad,

Happy Fathers Day. Although us boys can’t be there physically to be with you, near or far we’re right by your side because the girls are there filling up the room with the spirit of our family, just like how you taught us.

For all those years we used to take this day for granted, but I guess we never really needed a day to celebrate ‘Dad’ because with you around, good times and bad…you managed to make life a celebration for all of us. You instilled in us the spirit of travel and adventure, you taught us all how to be self sufficient, to be strong willed and most importantly, you taught us to dream. To aim higher in life and to take risks and that we don’t have to play it safe all the time.

When we heard the news about the big C, I promise you not one of us was sad or upset for too long, because just as you taught us, we’ve come together to face whatever challenges lay ahead, headstrong and unafraid.

Despite our feelings towards others in your life, know that we’re only protecting the vulnerability that is exposed from your only weakness; of being too good for your own good. You taught us all to protect and look after one another and that’s exactly what we have been doing, you just failed to realise that we have to protect our protector too.

Dad, although we can’t predict the future, I can guarantee that Mom, Sonia, Ramina, Harry and Myself will do everything and anything to make sure that the journey ahead remains positive, full of joy, laughter and love, along with the support from Davinder, H and Jaspreet.

So as we look forward the future, to watch Kiran graduate, to cut the ribbon at Tanya’s bakery, to cheer for Tarun at his next big match…and when the time comes to give Renee away at her wedding and watch Yuvvi grow up to be just like the man his Grandad is, near or far, we will all be there, just like you taught us.

Happy Fathers Day.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

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