How To Control Creativity: Enter Into Chaos


Control is paramount to success; scheduling, timing, thinking strategically, ensuring responsibilities are maintained and so on. You need to be in full control of your life to live it without fear and to become the success you want to be.

You need to control the journey, manage the steps you take and the directions you go if you want to shape destiny your own way. With control over it, you won’t fear it, you won’t fear losing it and you’ll limit any doubts you have of not achieving it – hence why maintaining control is crucial.

Unfortunately life for anyone shaping their dreams is going to be chaotic. Take my life for instance, between working full-time and consulting, maintaining daily responsibilities and running a home, on top of keeping up to date with my responsibilities back in the UK. Maintaining this blog and writing my book i.e fulfilling my passions. is what makes life full.

However it’s not these duties that make life chaotic, good time keeping and scheduling ensures that the above gets taken care of.

What makes my life chaotic is when a wave of inspiration comes out of nowhere and it isn’t the time allocated to be creative. For example, having amazing ideas when washing the dishes or during a busy shift at work and in the middle of the night, even though I have to be up at 5am.

Creativity rarely seems to hit when I’m actually sitting in front of the computer ready to write…How am I to stop everything I’m doing and just surf the inspirational wave? How does one control creativity?

Here is why I consider myself lucky to be building my dream in the digital age; my trusted tablet becomes my journal, it’s how I get to embrace the chaos of creativity when my muse decides to visit.

On my cloud storage, I have a folder called ‘Chaos’ it’s where I store all my ideas.


‘Chaos’ has become a folder full of random voice notes, pictures, jotted down words, partially written blog posts, music tracks, links and all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. It’s a stupendous mess but it is so igniting when I’m ready to write. Everything is time stamped so I can recall the very moment an idea struck (a simple time-stamp and description of what you were doing goes a long way).

When creativity hits it just hits, it’s up to you to either let it flow into your preferred outlet there and then or let it fizzle away until the next wave of genius comes along at a more convenient time. Never let that happen, embrace the chaos when it arrives but control it by storing it – just ensure you access it at your earliest convenience.

Like many of us, life is often too demanding to put aside for a creative outburst, so this is how I control creativity and make creativity work for me. I still maintain control and when I am ready to write, all I need to do is delve into chaos.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

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