Don’t kid yourself if you ‘think’ you’re happy, a big F U! To societies timeline.


Ok, someone had to say it. I write this after an encounter with someone in my past. You see, she said that she “thinks” she’s happier now. Great! But from my experience, I’ve been pretty bang on when I know if I’m happy or not and I have never had to contact a member of my past for declaration.

I’m currently listening to some great music, I’m working towards my goal and I’m getting closer to my dreams more than ever before. I’m very happy 😀 Although I may not have reached my destination yet, I know I’m happy because I know that my life isn’t being wasted by putting my aspirations on hold. I’m living life exactly how I intended too, the way I have decided, towards that definitive “vision.”

Yet when someone uses the term “I think?” when talking about their own happiness, I can’t help but believe that they are so far from it. It frustrates me. I’ve had a taste of what life REALLY has to offer and there truly is no room for “I think?”

I have an opinion; I believe those who “think” they are happy, need to really look into their life decisions; did society or the image of “perfection” lead them to this so-called happiness?  We’re bombarded by so many images of the “perfect lifestyle” draped over the framework of a socially “accepted” timeline.

Ideologies suggest we should live a “perfect” life, in line with this “time frame” that realistically is unattainable if one wants to focus on one’s own goals.

I’ve always lived my life how I’ve wanted to and I have rarely used the words “I think?” I go with what I know. Call me a “renegade,” but I can’ t understand living my life under the influence of other people. When was it decided that now should be the time to settle down, that now should be the time I should focus on an “alternative” career as a backup option…No thanks, I have too much ambition to limit my potential.

The dreams I stand by set my goals, the goals I set ignite my passion and drive. My failure to follow my societies expectation, removes all the speech marks from my life and allows me to live how I intend to.

Dream big folks and keep working towards them, f*** what anyone else has to say or share if it means putting what you want from life on hold. Life is awesome if you live it your way.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

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