How to Draw Inspiration from the History of Your Achievements


When you’re surrounded by disbelief and you’re seeking that push and/or seeking guidance to follow through with an action to make an impact on your goals, try drawing inspiration from your own experiences and look at the goals you have already accomplished. Whenever you get stuck on an idea or you find yourself lacking the passion to continue, start by looking at all the work you’ve done and all the achievements you have already made. Look to all your successes and let the echo of your journey guide you to your destination. Recap on all the failures and losses and remember the lessons you have learned. Give yourself the chance to reflect, it will encourage that “can do” attitude and soon enough you’ll be calling upon your muse.

Reflecting will remind you that although you may not yet be exactly where you want to be, you’ll understand that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, because you’ll remember where you were and where you had begun. Remember the motions that carried you from strength to strength, you have the passion lurking in your mind it just may be hidden beneath a cloud of negative thought and doubt.

Do not allow negativity and doubt get in the way, remember how you had dealt with it before? Well, you’ll deal with it again and each time you’ll get better and better at it. The more doubt and negativity you remove from your life, the more self belief you’ll gain. Go back and reflect on your challenges and take notice of that.

Always welcome your critics and disbeliever’s, one thing you need to remember (something I wish I was told) is that the more successful you become, you will attract more successful critics and forthright disbeliever’s. However, welcome them with open arms, do not fuel the fire that they ignite and let your success speak for itself and let your determination drive you past their negativity. Just remember to let those who encourage you shout louder than those that try to hurdle your chances at accomplishing your goals.

Remember why you do what you do, you may have several reasons why, however simply realise that the efforts are worth it. Whether you’re working towards an end result or you’re doing what you’re doing because it simply satisfies your spirit and it makes you happy. Take comfort in the fact that by working towards the goals you set out for yourself, you are shaping your own destiny and nobody can take that from you.

So if you’re currently drawing a blank, glaring at an empty canvas or you simply cannot find the words, take a step back and make time to reflect. If you’re challenging negative thought or if you’re currently facing a battle with disbelief, take a couple of moments to look at the journey you embarked on and you’ll remember your potential and realise the passion you need to nurture and protect.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

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