How You Can Turn Small Daily Sentiments into BIG Motivational Triggers

In my previous post on motivation, I write about how motivation is triggered by the things that remind you of your goals and dreams. It can be exhausting and sometimes very difficult to stay motivated and sustain a positive attitude all the time and especially when times get difficult. I know music works well for me but I don’t have music on all the time. So here’s my tip to maintain motivational momentum: Associate meaningful goals to small sentiments that you’re used to seeing on a daily basis to act as motivational triggers.

My Nephew keeping me motvated
My nephew keeping me motivated.


One of my examples is found in the image aside this paragraph; that’s one of my daily motivational triggers. Every time I see my nephew smile I’m reminded of an ambitious goal; through my work, I want to inspire future generations to pursue their dreams with confidence. I’m also reminded of all the work I want to do with troubled and misdirected youth, to one day obtain the required skills to help rehabilitate, motivate and encourage young people to be successful. I get to see my nephew smile all the time and by this simple association I’m reminded daily of the things I want to achieve.

There are hundreds of examples in your life today that you can associate your goals to, such as cherished moments with loved ones and good times with friends. Whenever I’m around people who inspire me I remind myself of all the different ways I want to spoil them when I’ve “made it.” You can also create little sentiments to boost your daily motivation, I use a Dollar bill as a bookmark for example and I have created a folder on my computer which holds one photograph from each significant moment in my life, a folder which I’ll continue to add to. Having these sentiments to hand really give me the uplift I need to continue doing what I do.

Furthermore, reading inspiring stories and learning about other people living their dreams definitely provides a great deal of motivation and feelings of encouragement. Although, I do find by making your triggers more personal, motivation has a lasting effect because your environment continues to act as a constant reminder of the things you desire from life.

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