Dare to dream – A message inspired by a 13-year-olds ambition.

Always in search of inspiration, I had overlooked the bright spark we had sitting right at home. We always encourage the younger generation in our family to visualise their dreams, take action towards achieving them and to dream big.

My sister had asked her children to work on their Vision boards and within the hour, my 13-year-old niece had finished the project (see below) and presented insightful results. Now the first thing we all noticed was her typo, she was so motivated and excited about the project, she had overlooked her spelling error. When her mother mentioned it, she candidly responded “I’m unique, I’ll spell it however I want!” as she defended her work.

tanya vision Tanya’s vision board, focused around the Joel Brown quote “see the invisible, believe the incredible, achieve the impossible”.

After seeing this and hearing about her response, I had never been more in awe of the brilliant-ness that is this young teen. She, (now unknowingly, my honorary ambassador of the lions life) had made us as adults realise the importance of what we say and do around young people and the effect we have on young minds. The outcome of her board allowed us to also understand her as a person, the steps we can take to help her “achive” those dreams and how to guide her in ways she can help herself. I’m actually glad she didn’t fix her typo, A vision board is made to represent dreams and goals, the typo not only adds a splash of her personality, but it will act as a constant reminder that there are things she will need to improve upon.

Seeing this really emphasises the importance of knowing what you want out of life, it definitely made me re-evaluate a few things. It starts with a vision and where you see yourself. If a 13-year-old, with all the peer pressures and changes going on around her, can and wants to take ownership of her life by having the guts to dream, what’s our excuse as adults?

The secondary tone to this, is one for parents, older siblings or generally anyone who has susceptible minds/young minds around them. Be very careful of the energy and message you send out. Remember negativity breeds negativity, set a positive example – it’s important.

To Tanya,

Congratulations! You’ve managed to do what millions of grown-ups are afraid of and dared to dream. Now that you’ve set the destination, I know you’ll work hard on building the path to get there.

 Live it, Love it,


P.S. I wrote a book on meditation, I hope it helps you build your dreams.

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