Achieve your Goals by Fixing Problems you Hold Onto


Many of us have those problems that we hold onto and they hold us back for one reason or the other. Your problem could be your job, it could be your partner or problems at work and home. For some reason we can’t seem to get past them and without realizing it; we’re being held back from the things we want to accomplish.

Most of the time, I’ve realized that old doubts and future uncertainties make dealing with current problems more difficult. We’re blurred by our previous mistakes and let-downs and/or often concerned for our futures security.

We can also spend so much time and effort trying to fix or work on something that we really do not want, just so we can satisfy our fears. Not realizing that this is the actual problem that needs to be fixed. Just choosing to ignore it isn’t going to help us achieve goals.

Alternatively, we try to hold on to something that was once great, with the hope that it will be again and admitting this can be extremely difficult. The thought alone can be very stressful, but waking up and dealing with problems is crucial to our success.

I’ve heard the term ‘identifying problems’ throughout my career, professionally and personally and never really understood what I needed to identify because when problems arise, they’re often staring at me point-blank. I found that in most cases I just feared facing them.

Fears derived from past experiences and/or future uncertainties make it difficult to process problems. Like leaving a crap job we’re comfortable with, living in a demotivating environment we’re used to and being in a lifeless relationship because we hadn’t developed our identities.

When facing problems, assess your life, like a doctor assesses an x-ray, evaluate it. Is anything there you’re uncertain about? Is a problem going to affect your future, if so, by how much? And what was the root of it? Then consider the options towards a solution.

Accepting the solution: Sometimes we find it hard to accept the steps we have to take, to put things right in order to re-align our lives with the goals we set. It may take drastic measures or it might take simple adjustments, but we may have to accept change to enable or continue success.

Only until we admit and face the problem, can we begin to accept a solution. When you think about it, do you want to spend your energy working on something that you necessarily do not want and run the risk of becoming complacent?  Or do you want to spend that time and energy on getting what you really want out of life?

Sometimes dealing with a problem is like ripping off a band-aid, exposing the wound for it to heal in order for you to carry on with the life you want to live.

Our problems are like crumbs that fall onto us after taking a big bite out of life, sometimes we need to brush them off before taking another bite.

To whatever extent your problems are, spend time fixing them rather than living with them.


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