How to Motivate Yourself – Look In From Your Futures Perspective

Picture yourself in the future, you’re at the place you want to be, you’ve achieved what you wanted out of life and your mission: complete…this future life is how you intend to live. Now look at where you are now, what would future you say to present you? Are you telling yourself you’re going in the right direction and to keep on the path you’re on? Maybe you’re noticing that where you are now isn’t necessarily where you should be? Maybe that future self doesn’t even recognize the person you are today.

I recently took a dip from enthusiasm and for the longest time couldn’t figure out how to pull myself out from, what felt like, a downward spiral into a pit where things would just fall apart. My year took off to a fantastic start and I started to feel as if things were beginning peak. When things begin to go well in our lives, we sometimes begin questioning it and allow ourselves to steer away from what we really want because of the daunting thought of not achieving it.

I’ve been reading those blogs where people were writing letters to their future selves, it got me thinking – What would my future self write me? We all envision our dreams coming true and this notion helped pull me from this feeling of self-doubt and concern. It was a great way to self evaluate and reflect the present.

Many of my friends were really surprised at how far they had drifted away from attaining that future, and noticed the lack of attention paid when making certain choices. A friend of mine envisioned himself as a very successful musician, it’s what he wants, but came to realize that he never invested time in writing his own music. To get closer to his future and greet success at his door, he needed to step up his game. To all my entrepreneur friends…when was the last time you sat down and researched the viability of a radical idea rather than just noting it down in the ideas box and writing it off before even giving it a second thought. Try actually believing it will take off.

I also found it a great technique when needing to develop more crisp goals. A shift to this perspective can really wake you up to your very present and make you aware of your behaviour today. Establish a new equilibrium and begin syncing with your future self.


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